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TheWorks Profiler™ Model

Comprehensive insights into people’s behaviour and its impact in the workplace

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Measuring 40 dimensions of behaviour

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4          dimensions


of behaviour

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with Others

  • Team fit

  • Leading & influencing

  • Relationships

  • Politics



  • Self management

  • Drive for success

  • Positive headspace

  • Self awareness

Change Adaptability

  • Decisions

  • Timeliness

  • Quality

  • Planning

Ways of


  • Innovation

  • Strategic

  • Promoting

  • Supportive

Understanding a person's approach to Self Discovery, Interactions with Others, Change Adaptability and Ways of Working.

Exploring how people understand, manage and convey themselves in the workplace.

Explaining behaviour in terms of Motivations, Preferences and Emotions

TheWorks Profiler™ family of tools provide valuable insights into how individuals direct their energy or effort in 40 dimensions of motivations, preferences and emotional foci providing clarity on people’s behaviour, their impact and likely performance in the workplace.


Gain understanding of people’s skills, abilities, strengths and developmental areas to more confidently select people and manage your talent. Find the right talent with stronger performance for greater productivity and enhanced workplace culture. Build, positivity and confidence in teams and leaders, and increase change agility and business efficiency.

Why these tools matter

Who am I?
How I influence others?
How do people see me?
Why do I get these reactions?
What am I best at?
Why do I feel like this?
How can I make people like me more?


Tap into your

desire to achieve

Personexus developed TheWorks Profiler™, a family of tools specifically designed for selection and development of your most valuable business asset, your people.


Easy to use tools that are behaviourally insightful and consistently refined through research. 


Simply, select a Test Battery made up from our Profiling Tools.

Tailored solution for selection or development?

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