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How many candidates should I test?

Assess your top two or three candidates to provide greater choice and insight into what strengths and developmental needs candidates bring to the role.

I have more than three candidates for different roles?

For more than three candidates, download our 'Candidate List Document' (button below), complete the details and upload in the account order form.


When should I get the assessments done in my selection process?

Ideally, have your candidates complete the assessments prior to conducting your final interview.  The assessment may highlight aspects that you would like to check on before making an offer to your candidate.


​If a candidate asks for a copy of the report what should I say?

The report is your business's property as you have paid for it.  You are under no obligation to give the candidate a copy of the report. 

The candidate says they have a right to see the report under the privacy act, what do I say?

Under the Privacy Act in Australia a person has the right of access to information on themselves for the purposes of ensuring its accuracy.  The report represents an interpretation of their responses to the questions in the assessments you have commissioned.  We know that the interpretation represents how they are likely to behave in the majority of occasions and allows for different behaviour according to the situation.  In addition, you use the report together with other information, like their CV, reference checks, and interviews to make your decision on offering them a role.  Normally a brief explanation around these points is enough to satisfy most concerns a candidate may have.  Using Platinum and Premium service tiers reduces this concern as candidates are provided with feedback on the results and can ascertain the report accuracy.

A candidate asks to see the report after being told they are unsuccessful - how do I handle this?

In this scenario, if you have already offered one of your candidates the role and an unsuccessful candidate wants a copy of the report they may be looking for a reason why they didn't get the role.  Under the Privacy Act you cannot keep a report on record for an unsuccessful candidate longer than 30 days.  You therefore have the option to explain to the candidate that you have deleted the report in line with the Privacy Act.


​The candidate insists they want to check the report under the privacy act, how do I handle this?

​If the candidate insists, then you can refer them to us and provide them with our contact number.  We'll be more than happy to chat to them and resolve any concerns they may have.

I've employed a person and they want to see the report, what do I do?

If a successful candidate asks to see the report when they have commenced work, then the decision is yours to make.  We would suggest if you decide to let them read the report, that you do not give then a copy, unless they clearly understand the need for the report to be kept confidential.  We would also suggest that this may be an opportunity to have a developmental discussion with the candidate (now employee) which may benefit all concerned. 

How accurate are the reports?

Assessment reports may be based on the candidate’s profile without the context gained from discussion. Whilst the interpretation is likely to be an accurate representation of the person's behaviour, there exists the possibility that the candidate's current work or personal situations may impact and temporarily alter their general approach and hence reduce the accuracy of the information contained in the report.  Platinum and Premium service tiers provide an opportunity to gain an understanding of any context that may be impacting on the candidate at the time.


The reports are accurate as of the date on the first page.  However, the accuracy of reports may diminish over time and individuals should be re-assessed after a six-month period.  The interpretations in the report should be viewed as the person's 'most likely' way of behaving and in the majority of occasions, we will see them behave in the manner described by the report.  


Will people always behave as the report describes?

No, they may act differently according to the situation and context in which they find themselves.  Can they change their behaviour?  Yes, if a person makes a concerted effort to modify their approach, then over time we will see them behave differently.  Think of our behaviour as a set of habits - some good, some less so!  Habits take time to develop, so if a person is trying to change a habit expect it will take some time and effort.  Are there other factors that may impact on how they behave?  Yes, significant life events, such as retiring from the workforce, parenthood or moving to another country can impact on how a person behaves over time.

​Should I use reports with other sources of information?

Assessment reports provide valuable information on an individual that is not available through other processes.  We recommend it be used in conjunction with other sources of information such as qualifications, work experience, referee reports, interview performance, colleague feedback, performance management notes.


​Did the candidate complete the assessment?

As many assessments are completed online there exists the potential that a candidate may get assistance from another person.  Can we prevent this?  No, if the candidate is completing the assessment at home there is always the chance they've got help from someone else.  However, the vast majority of people do complete assessments without help.  We encourage people by including in our assessment instructions the following statement 'By continuing and completing this assessment you declare you have done so without assistance from any other person.'  To ensure your candidates have completed the assessments without assistance we suggest you invite them to complete the assessment at your workplace.


How should I store the reports?

The report should be stored in a secure location and is subject to the Australian National Privacy Act.  Reports on successful candidates should be stored in a secure location and accessible only to relevant personnel, including the hiring manager, business owner and human resources department.  In line with the Australian National Privacy Act, selection reports for unsuccessful candidate should not be stored by the company, longer than 30 days. 


​How do I use the reports?

Selection reports:  Selection reports have been specifically written for use in determining the suitability of a candidates for the role they have applied for and should not be used for any other purpose without reference and written authority from Personexus.

​Development: Development reports have been specifically written for use in aiding a person's development in the workplace.  They should not be used for the purposes of selection or deselection and are not to be used for any other purposes without consultation and written authority from Personexus.

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