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Facilitation | Training | Workshops

From team sessions, team-building, vision & values, strategic planning, in-house workshops or steering committees; we provide compelling, interesting facilitation that keeps teams on track and getting the most from their sessions. 

Personexus designs, develops and facilitates tailored workshops to extend your objectives to beyond the ordinary.  Get the outcomes you need with focused workshops or training emphasising either broad or specific skills.


Personexus supplies all required:

  • Develop the agenda

  • Design all materials

  • Venues

  • Take home workbooks

What's included in Facilitation, Training & Workshops


  • General facilitation allowing you to focus and participate in the workshop

  • Leadership development tailored to your needs

  • Team building programs

  • Training on softer skills

  • Focus on outcomes you need

  • Designed process to get the most out of workshop time

  • Developed program based on audience needs

  • Expert, interesting facilitation.

Need to tailor a workshop or training?

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