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Executive Coaching

Our coaches take great satisfaction in seeing people grow, develop their personalised style and enjoy success from the effort they invest.

Personexus coaching is founded on our genuine leadership philosophy centred around trust, born out of authenticity, integrity and connectivity with people. The sessions are based on the approach that personal development begins with self-awareness through reflection. This is facilitated by the person's desire to achieve change in themselves for real impact in their workplace and life.


​Development plans are a platform for personal improvement - a 'living' document reflecting the path a person wants to travel.  Our coaches focus on an individual's behaviour and the outcomes or emotions generated in context.  A personalised plan helps the coachee learn and drive positive personal change.

Leaders aren’t born - they learn how to lead. This learning does not occur in isolation.  To be effective, leaders need input from others to help them to reflect on their actions, and identify strengths and weaknesses.  Personexus coaches bring different and unique perspectives to challenge leaders fixed ways of thinking through constructive discussion.    


Socially friends will give us feedback.  In business, we have coaches to help us:

  • Build trust

  • Manage conflict effectively

  • Influence others

  • Understand our impact on others

Coaching outcomes

Critical to the success of coaching is the coachee’s motivation to learn and evolve in a manner which opens them up to new possibilities for better outcomes.

Time investment is a telling factor for many people who undertake coaching and we encourage people to give thought to:

  • Attend sessions regularly and punctually

  • Consider how they can contribute to discussions by giving  examples, raising points of particular interest or needs and by asking questions

  • Reflect on and apply the ideas shared in each session  (critical for the coachee's learning)

  • Plan and practice the different approaches discussed


Typically coachees will discuss their progress with line managers and Personexus includes 'triangular sessions' at the beginning and end of a coaching assignment.  These triangular meetings ensure the coachee, line manager and coach have a clear and shared understanding of the areas requiring attention.  Additionally, triangulars provide an effective medium for exchange of ideas and plans of action for completion of the program.

Discuss your coaching needs with us

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