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Select your Test Battery

When assessing candidates you want to gain insight into a broad range of the individual’s characteristics in one easy manner.  To do this, use a group of tools, called a ‘Test Battery’.  The information from the assessments will help you decide who will be the be best candidate for your role.


Which Test Battery (group of tools) do I need to use?

The three questions below will guide you to which test battery to use.

1)    Is this a leadership role or a role where leadership responsibilities may be required in the future? 

a.     YES use 'MAP' For leadership roles use MAP (Leadership version) - For roles where leadership may be required in the future use MAP (Team member version)

b.     NO – use 'Mini MAP' )

2)    Is understanding how the person relates to others important? 

a.     YES use 'EFI'

b.     NO – no need to use 'EFI' 

3)    Do you need to understand the person’s capacity to learn; the level of work complexity they can handle             and how  quickly they think? 

a.     YES use 'ART'

b.     NO – no need to use 'ART'

For example - You have a leadership role, it's important to understand how the person relates to others and you want to understand the person's capacity to learn, then you would use the MAP-EFI-ART (leadership version) test battery.  If the role doesn’t have leadership responsibilities however may lead to them in the future then use MAP-EFI-ART (team member version).  If you need assistance, phone or email and we'll be happy to help.

Other Abilities Assessments

You may wish to gain additional insight into your candidates' abilities.  We offer Verbal and Numerical Ability assessments for both general and professional people.  Professional is suitable to higher level roles which involve professional staff and or leadership.  General is suitable for most other assessments.  To order these assessments in the shop, go to 'additional assessments' and order the number you need.  If doing an account order select from the options on the order form.

How many candidates should I test?

We recommend you assess your top two or three candidates.  Why?  It gives you choice, particularly when the assessments may highlight something you hadn't seen, or didn't know about your candidates.  Secondly, everyone brings strengths and developmental needs to a role and assessments will highlight these characteristics to help you get the best overall person. 

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